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Our mission is to reach out to the communities, veterinarians and animal welfare organizations to save the lives of homeless, sick and injured cats and kittens. This is achieved by compassionately rescuing, providing shelter, fostering, adopting and providing hospice and veterinary services, in order to end needless feline euthanasia in our community, with the ultimate objective, to have every cat or kitten, be wanted, loved, and find their forever home.

Helping cats move out of shelters and into forever homes 

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​​All About Cats Rescue & Adoption believes it is our moral responsibility to protect and improve the lives of abused, abandoned, and homeless cats, and to place them in loving permanent homes. We provide spay and neuter services and any necessary medical care for the cats we rescue. We work diligently to educate the public, especially children, on the importance of cat sterilization, responsible cat ownership and the humane treatment of animals.